How Feng Shui Can Improve Your Sex Life

Photographed by Anna Alexis Basile.
From sex games to sex furniture, there are plenty of things you can add to your bedroom to spice things up a bit. But, if you're not careful, added clutter can have the opposite effect on your sex life. At least, that's what feng shui expert and consultant Janice Sugita suggests. We spoke with Sugita to get the low down on how even basic changes in bedroom decor can drastically change your sex life for the better.
If you've never tested the waters of feng shui before, don't stress. This ancient Chinese art is used in interior design to foster positive, healing energy (known as qi) in a given space. Practitioners pay particular attention to a room's lighting, its tidiness, and how the furniture is arranged in it. All of these factors can either improve or detract from the room's qi.
"The principles of traditional feng shui are basic principles of modern comfort," Sugita says. "One should feel comfortable both physically and mentally."
Living by the basic principles of feng shui means seeking a less stressful, more balanced life. If you ask us, that already sounds like a recipe for better sex.
Click through for seven simple changes you can make to you bedroom to improve your sex life.

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