Find A New Boo With These Halloween Pick Up Lines

Messaging a new match can seem scarier than any haunted house. How do you catch their attention? Is a simple "hey" too casual, or not casual enough? How many emoji should you add? It's enough to freak anyone out.
A half-serious, cheesy pickup line can take away the pressure and show your sense of humour at the same time. Looking for a date in time for Halloween? Check out these spooky lines to land a match before the big night.
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"I don't have a costume, can I go as your date?"
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"You make my heart beat faster than a haunted house."
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"Are you a ghost? You've been haunting my dreams all night."
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"I 'witch' you'd go out with me."
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"It's scary how good we'd look together."
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"Went trick-or-treating, but I didn't get any Hershey's. Can you share some kisses?"
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"Will you zom-be mine?"
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"This might be (candy) corny, but will you go out with me?"
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"I'm the ghoul for you."
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"Will you be my boo?"
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"You're bewitching."
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"I found this great couple's costume, want to dress up as the other half?"
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"It's spooky how hot you are!"
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"You must be a zombie, you're drop-dead gorgeous."
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"I know it's Halloween, but I promise I won't ghost you."
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"I'd sit in a pumpkin patch with you any night."
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"Talking to you makes me feel like I'm under a spell."
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"If Pennywise had you in that sewer, I would've climbed in immediately!"
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"You don't have to worry; I'm all treats, no tricks."
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"If this goes well, next year we'll be wearing a couples' costume."
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"You should dress up as a vampire — you can bite my neck any time!"
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"I know what you should be for Halloween: mine."
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"I only date people who believe in the Great Pumpkin."
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"You're sweeter than any Halloween candy."
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"I'm not dressing up as a ghost, but you can get under my sheets."
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"You're definitely the treat, so what's the trick?"
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"Want to see a horror movie? I'm looking for someone to hold me during the scary parts."
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"I'm not a clown, but you're definitely It."
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"Want to find out what I turn into at midnight?"
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"Your costume looks great on you! It'd look even better off you."

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