16 Pieces Of Feminist Jewellery For Nasty Women

Feminism isn’t something to be co-opted, particularly by fashion but, as this season’s catwalks have shown, wearing outspoken attitudes and political statements can be a small but powerful act of resistance.
While T-shirts, badges, and hoodies at LRS Studio, Creatures of Comfort and Ashley Williams featured loud and proud slogans, we’re currently donning our pride via the medium of damn good jewellery.
There’s something to be said for shocking fusty passers-by upset by the appearance of the female body beyond Page 3’s sexist confines; for the enjoyable defiance you feel when you clock the disapproving double-take of middle-aged men on the tube: yes, yes that is a golden vagina around my neck.
Now is the time for wearing – with tongue firmly in cheek – a pair of boobs on your wrist, a vagina around your neck, and the Venus symbol in your ears. Here are our favourite pieces of feminist jewellery, to wear with pride...

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