5 Outfits To Save An Uncomfortable Situation

When was the last time you left your comfort zone? For many of us, doing something scary isn’t just about really big life changes, it’s the smaller things that happen in between. At the risk of sounding like a (bad) Richard Curtis film, it’s the first dates, the parties, starting a new job. It’s seeing your ex for the first time since they broke your heart and putting yourself somewhere that you know might not be entirely (read: at all) comfortable.
There’s a reason some women call their makeup 'warpaint'. And the right outfit, like our favourite lipstick, can help us feel powerful and sexy and whatever else we need to enjoy and make the most of the slightly trickier moments. That trusty lucky jacket you wear for every job interview, those shoes that make you feel on top of the world, the lucky pink pants, the bra that never lets you down. Everything we wear on the big small days matters, from our underwear to our self-belief. Feeling comfortable is a state of mind, after all.
Here we’ve looked at five different scenarios and built up an outfit from scratch – starting with the right underwear. We’ve used the new Wow Comfort bra from Sloggi, which may well be the world’s most comfortable bra (we’re going to be using the word 'comfortable' a lot here, but you know what, comfort is queen in our eyes). And to top it all off, we’ve enlisted the help of life coach Katie Abbot to give us some inner inspiration at the same time.

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