Here’s What Fashion People Are Actually Hoping For In 2017

Whether or not you feel strongly about setting New Year's resolutions for yourself, it's refreshing to conjure up some intentions when walking into a new life stage, whether said stage begins on January 1 and lasts 12 months or not. The fashion industry operates on a totally different calendar — and as if the spring/fall division wasn't enough, now we have pre-fall, resort, in-season, and all these other arbitrary labels to reckon with, which further divvy up our year. Still, it's a business that reflects the going-ons in the world — and one that could very much benefit from some self-reflection, as it still has ways to go in terms of inclusivity and representation.
The practice of self-reflection isn't lost on those who shape the industry, from the editors who determine what makes it into magazines, the stylists who filter through the runway to the red carpet, and the designers who inspire us all to muse about what's going to trend next. We asked them about how they're hoping to grow in 2017 — and, more importantly, what the industry as a whole can do to better itself this year. Whether it's manufacture closer to home or to stock mules all year 'round, some of their answers may surprise you.

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