29 Easy Weeknight Meals To Add To Your Rotation

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
We like the idea of cooking more proper food and ordering in less, but we're anti-cleanse and meal prep guides tend to be complicated and expensive. So, we decided to tap our peers for their favourite cheap, time-saving dinner tips. We reached out to millennial women across the country for the go-to easy weeknight meals they actually make.
Ahead we have 29 easy recipes by everyone from hardworking students to teachers, interior designers, IT specialists, and more. These are recipes that women turn to time and again within their busy schedules — and they might just inspire you cook your way through to the end of the month. With options spanning from healthy quinoa bowls to creative slow cooker comfort foods, these fast and easy dishes will successfully curb your takeaway temptations. Well, at least for the next 29 days...
Note: we haven't included essentials like salt, pepper and olive oil in the ingredients list, but should be included where mentioned (if you like). Be sure to share your go-to recipes in comments, below!

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