Why Don't We Really Dress Up Anymore?

Over the past few years, fashion has become pretty casual. Thanks to the rise of streetwear brands and the popularity of celebrity merch, jeans, trainers, and hoodies have become far more commonplace than dresses, skirts, and heels. And while we certainly don't mind this seismic shift on days when we can't quite be bothered to put together a perfectly polished look, it's also lead us to truly appreciate those moments when someone forgoes the whole "effortless" thing and just gets dressed the fuck up.

Fortunately, we've been starting to see more women wearing dressy dresses — like, full-on fancy, floor-length, tulle, and embellished gowns — to places that aren't black-tie events. These days, there's something really refreshing and magical about someone who goes all-out in head-to-toe Valentino, or chooses to pair, a gown with a T-shirt and trainers. Yes, looking undone and slightly dishevelled has been It for a while, but the real confidence comes in showing up in show-stopping glamour like the women ahead.

Let the following women convince you to ditch your denim for a tulle skirt every now and then. Here's to looking fancy as hell for no reason at all.

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