5 Ways To Restore Digestive Health & Harmony

Good digestion is key to emotional, physical health and wellbeing. When this system is working well, food is fuel and a pleasure; we eat when hungry and select a balance of food types. Sadly, what the system needs for proper maintenance is often ignored given hectic lifestyles or entrenched bad choices. We all feel the effects of bad digestion. Our average diet today contains a lot of overly processed foods and a high content of chemical additives. Add to that irritation from alcohol, tobacco and stimulants such as excessive caffeine, and yoyo dieting – and you may find yourself experiencing some of the major signs that your system needs a reboot.
If you are constantly feeling bloated, have a coated tongue, are experiencing overactive or sluggish elimination of waste, struggling with weight gain, indigestion and discomfort after eating, or inflammation and irritability, here are some of the ways in which you can re-establish digestive health and harmony.

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