This Gen Z Dating App Is Weeding Out Ghosters

Photographed by Meg O'Donnell
Getting ghosted is the absolute worst – ask anyone who's put in time on the dating apps. It's not just the snowballing sense of rejection it gives you, but also the lack of respect on the other person's part. Seriously, they couldn't even be bothered to send you a text letting you down gently?
So, it's exciting to hear that Snack – a dating app that's kind of like TikTok with flirting – has introduced a feature designed to weed out serial ghosters. It works by "deprioritising" profiles belonging to users with a poor track record. "Singles get reported when they ghost too frequently, so the more you ghost, the less your profile gets seen," Snack explains.
As part of its latest update, Snack has also doubled down on its commitment to becoming a dating app for Gen Z (and millennials, tbh) by making itself exclusively available to users aged 18 to 35.
"After months of considering solely courting our Gen Z user base, we decided to make it official: Snack is not your parents' dating app,” said Snack’s CEO Kim Kaplan. "This generation does not currently have a dating app that caters directly to them. By making the app exclusive to 18-35 year olds, it allows us to lean in and super serve this demographic with an app that speaks their digital language and ensures the best matches possible, without the risk of running into their professor, boss or single uncle."
Snack's innovative new anti-ghosting feature comes as many dating apps are taking steps to become safer – and less triggering – spaces for all users. Bumble has banned body-shaming as well as ableist, racist, colourist, homophobic and transphobic language, while Badoo has blocked screenshots.
Meanwhile, Tinder has even rolled out a feature that that helps you find a plus one for a wedding. Long may the progress continue!

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