This Editor Quit Fashion To Become An Energy Healer

Though mindfulness and meditation are becoming increasingly popular practices to counter the fast pace of life in 2016 and the superficiality of social media, many people still write it off as hippy nonsense or aren't entirely sure what it all means. A significant number of beauty (and even fashion) brands are aligning themselves with ‘wellness warriors’ in a bid to keep up with the latest interest in nurturing the psyche and people's desire for a more holistic lifestyle. But what exactly is this new take on self-help and healing, and how can we incorporate it into our busy schedules? Who better to ask than former fashion editor Chloe Kerman, who completely overhauled her hectic lifestyle, centred on clothing and consumerism, to become an energy healer who now teaches empowerment sessions and women's circle groups. Chloe's most recent workshops focus on connecting to your Divine Feminine power; your wisdom, creativity, heart's passion and soul's mission. Still a little confused? Well, we caught up with Chloe to understand why she walked away from fashion, exactly how energy healing changed her life, and, more importantly, how it can change yours too.

How did you adjust from the fast pace of fashion to your new lifestyle? Was it an easy transition and were your friends and family supportive?
For 10 years I worked as a fashion editor in London [at Tank and Garage magazines] and as soon as I started my healing journey, my whole world took a 360. My interest in healing led me to learn about Shamanism and during my first course my teacher said: "Don’t be surprised when you go home if your life changes." Just days after returning home, I was fired from my job in fashion, a job I had been contemplating leaving but putting off and suddenly I was free from all ties and excuses. Within one month I was en route to California to start an apprenticeship with an incredible healer. I felt my soul was so ready for this transition so it was all very exciting and new. I was actually very relieved and happy to leave my old life behind. I thought I would be away for a couple of months and before going, had a little farewell party. I had no idea that would turn into eight months of learning and exploring, meeting people and having such life changing experiences. My family and friends have been incredibly supportive, I am very lucky to have a circle of people who are open and want the best for me. I’ve loved being able to share my learnings and see those close to me develop and change.

Are you able to reconcile your love of fashion with energy healing or have you completely rejected your previous life now?
I still love clothes and how they make you feel, however now they all need to be super soft and comfortable! I am creating a jewellery line at the moment, which brings together my love of healing and fashion. I think that there is a space for healing and fashion to work harmoniously together to make people feel empowered and beautiful. Two of my best girlfriends still work in fashion and have amazing careers, they are both incredibly supportive of my healing work.
For a novice who is interested in inviting more positivity and mindfulness into their lives, what five tips would you recommend?
One of my favourite daily practices is gratitude. Being grateful for the things that are in my life and being grateful for the things that aren't! It's the quickest way to transform a low energy mood and radiate higher vibrations into the world. What I love is that I can do this anywhere, whether it is brushing my teeth, making my bed, walking in the park, or chopping vegetables.

Allowing ourselves to slow down and take time alone in nature. Observing how we feel using all our senses. Observing the plants, trees, animals, birds, insects and watching how everything is interacting around us. Listening to the sounds, smelling the air, touching the earth and bringing our awareness to how our mind, emotions, body, vibrations feel in nature. I always finish this practice with sending gratitude and love to the nature around me.

Connecting with our breath and our heart. Taking a few moments to allow ourselves to breathe in deeply and exhale deeply, placing a hand on our heart centre, focusing on our hearts and allowing a moment to connect with ourselves.

Being authentic
Saying YES when we mean YES and NO when we mean NO! This one sounds so simple, however it's actually quite hard. In our culture we are conditioned into people pleasing. Often by doing this, we don’t follow our own truth or our own inner guidance because we are worried about what other people will think of us. The first thing I do is bring awareness to myself anytime this happens, choose not to judge myself and when the next opportunity comes along, choose to answer from my own truth. This is an ongoing practice!

Sacred Self Love
Taking time to love, honour and respect ourselves and our bodies by engaging nurturing and nourishing acts. My regime is source connection time through my morning meditation. Every morning I take extra time to moisturise my body with organic cold press sesame oil and organic essential oils and while doing this I send gratitude to every part of my body. Preparing and eating clean and green foods with full presence. Booking a massage, acupuncture or healing session. Taking a restorative yoga class or some kind of gentle exercise and taking myself on a date, that could be dinner or to a beautiful place in nature!

Can you tell us more about your two years studying and travelling?
I began my training with The Four Winds Society and took a two-year programme called the Light Body School where I learnt the philosophy and practice of Shamanic energy medicine. I then did a full time apprenticeship for four months in Crystalline Consciousness. This activates our multi-dimensional bodies and facilitates deep healing and transformation. I learnt how to work with the crystal skulls creating beautiful crystal grids. I travelled to Chile where I took amazing Shamanic classes called Growing a New Body and Sky Dancing. I travelled to Peru to sacred sites and partook in plant medicine ceremonies. I then came back to the USA and took an intensive Shamanic herbal apprenticeship with a witch. This was by far the hardest training and craziest story that I will save for another time. My next adventures then led me to the Oneness University in India. There I was really taught how to live a fulfilled life, how to work with the universal laws, and I went through the awakening process and connected authentically to my Divine. This was powerful, life-changing work. I then activated my Divine Feminine Empowerment through working with Goddess Matrix.

I had a huge wake up call when I realised everything was about choice. I am the artist of my life and I choose how I want to create my life.

Could you tell us more about the Divine Feminine Empowerment movement and what it involves?
Divine Feminine empowerment is about honouring our sacred connection to life that is present in every moment. Loving, honouring and respecting ourselves as Divine beings. Celebrating our uniqueness and practicing sacred self love. Claiming our authentic power and speaking from our hearts. Trusting and following our own inner guidance. It's about harnessing our creative energy and birthing our creativity into the world. Seeing beauty and creating beauty wherever we go. The Divine Feminine energy is about connection, openness, receptivity and sensuality. Truly awakening our heart’s passion and our soul's purpose on this planet. Do you think the pace of London makes it almost impossible for people to find peace and happiness? Do you enjoy living in the city? Where do you feel most calm?
I totally believe we can create peace and happiness whilst living in London. I had a huge wake up call when I realised everything was about choice. I am the artist of my life and I choose how I want to create my life. I ask myself, how am I choosing to spend my time? Where does my energy go every day? What am I doing to nourish myself? Am I spending time with people that inspire and elevate me? What brings me happiness, balance and harmony? Do I do those things? I do enjoy living in the city, however I feel the most relaxed and at ease when I’m in nature. So I make sure I get a good dose of nature every week! What I have also found is my daily practice of meditation and sacred self love is the key to keeping me centred in the city. For more information visit

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