Why Cardi B's Makeup Always Looks So Good — Even In The Summer Heat

Cardi B made history last week when she became the first female rapper with two number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100. The reigning queen of rap soared to the top with her track "I Like It," featuring Bad Bunny and J Balvin, and the music video for the song already has 220 million views.
And while we can't get the catchy lyrics out of our heads, we're equally enamoured by Cardi's vibrant makeup in the video, which is a departure from the star's day-to-day look. "She likes her neutral makeup, but she likes the drama when it comes to video and photo shoots," makeup artist Erika La' Pearl tells us. "I noticed that everything was so colourful from the background to the clothes... Miami is very tropical, so I wanted to go with that."
Ahead, check out the exact products and tricks La' Pearl used to make Cardi feel like a "spicy mami, hot tamale" — even in the intense Miami heat.
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Cardi, who said it was "uncomfortable and hot" shooting the video in Miami while being pregnant, needed all the backup she could get. "I like to spray a lot of setting spray," says La' Pearl. "If I apply powder and I notice it gets cakey, I apply setting spray, [then] take my sponge and blot to blend it in."

The makeup artist also looked to silicone-based primers for a smooth finish. "Even though her skin is flawless, when you apply a silicone base, it fills in lines," she says.
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For the dreamy pink eyes in this look, La' Pearl took an unconventional approach. "It’s a lipstick that dries matte — I applied that as an eyeliner," she says. (Because most lipsticks aren't formulated for the delicate eye area, be sure to spot test it first to avoid irritation.)
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Cardi B
Even professionals have a hard time getting their winged eyeliner to be perfect, so La' Pearl turns to the classic sellotape beauty hack. "I don’t have to be too perfect [when applying liner] because once you take the tape off, it’s sharp," she says, adding that she employs the same trick with eyeshadow.
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If you look closely at Cardi's eyes in her scene with J Balvin and Bad Bunny, you'll notice an unexpected colour combination. "Instead of doing a dark colour on the crease, I went with green to really match her outfit," says La' Pearl, who was inspired by the colour of Cardi's bra. "For the bottom of her eyes, I applied pink. I love making her eyes look very exotic," she says.

La' Pearl admits the mum-to-be was hesitate on the green. "She wasn’t too crazy about that green eyeshadow," says La' Pearl. "She was like, ‘I think it’s too dark,' to which she later bit her tongue once she saw it on-screen and gave a thumbs up."

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