Don’t Want Your ‘Brexit Day’ Coin? The Internet Has The Best Solution

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The UK is finally leaving the EU this Friday. While those of who still have major reservations about Brexit have been spared commemorative bongs, there's no way of escaping the special 'Brexit Day' coins commissioned to mark the occasion.
Chancellor Savid Javid has today unveiled the commemorative 50p pieces, which bear the inscription "peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations" on their 'tails' side.
According to the government, around three million of the Brexit coins will make their way into banks, Post Offices and shops nationwide from Friday. A further seven million will enter circulation later this year.
"Leaving the European Union is a turning point in our history and this coin marks the beginning of this new chapter," the Chancellor said in a press release.
Given that 48% of us voted to remain in the EU, it's unsurprising that some people aren't exactly thrilled at the prospect of finding a Brexit 50p in their change at Sainsbury's Local this Friday.
Even people broadly in favour of Brexit might find it somewhat tone-deaf that such an incredibly divisive moment in UK history is being "commemorated" in this way.
But impressively, the internet has already come up with a solution for any unwanted Brexit coins: donate them to charity.
"Small acts of resistance make the world a better place," wrote one woman on Twitter.
Obviously donating to charity is very much a personal decision, but many people on Twitter have said they'll donate their unwanted Brexit coins to their nearest food bank or organisations that support particularly vulnerable groups such as refugee women.

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