9 Breakup Quotes To Empower You To Move On

Photographed by Renell Medrano.
So, you’re going through a breakup. Whether it was your choice to end the relationship or your ex’s — or even if the decision was mutual — breakups can be rough. But almost everyone has been through one, and that means there are plenty of breakup movies to watch, breakup books to read, and breakup songs to listen to (or to sing in the shower...or at karaoke) as you recover.
Although a breakup can be devastating, you won't feel this way forever. Great things can come out of ending a relationship: along with leaving you free to find a new and better partner, a breakup can be the inspiration for a creative project, a great haircut, or to redecorate your home. Whether you choose to focus on yourself for a while or have already re-downloaded all your dating apps, we hope these empowering breakup quotes will give you some encouragement during this time.

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