5 Foods To Lift Your Mood

Photo: Zuzana Janekova / EyeEm.
We may think a Snickers bar, pizza or bowl of chips will cheer a tough or tiring day. But the truth is that if we’re looking for more sustainable boosts to our emotional wellbeing, there are better ways to eat ourselves happy.
"We all have good and bad days and sometimes there’s no obvious reason," says registered dietitian Sue Baic. "Diet affects how we think and feel, our energy levels and even how we deal with stress.
"Taking a look at what we eat and drink can be a good way to help boost mood," she adds, also recommending at least 6-8 glasses of (non-alcoholic) fluids a day for optimum mental wellbeing. "And just small changes can make a big difference."
So fancy eating yourself happier? Then it’s time to consider consuming some foods that may influence your brain structure and chemistry in a consistent and positive way. Here are a few brain-boosting bites to try.

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