Your No-Bullshit Guide To Bra Shopping

The next time you find yourself in the nude, take a good look at your boobs. In the mirror. When's the last time your gave your girls a solid inspection, anyhow? (Sorry, your yearly checkup doesn't count). You'll likely notice your breasts appear pretty different without a bra on — gravity has a funny way doing that. Though, have you ever pondered why exactly they fall the way they do? We have, and the answers are pretty enlightening.
Breasts are hardly what one would describe as cookie-cutter — any bra-shopping experience will probably remind you of that. They're incredibly diverse in shape and configuration, and vary widely from woman to woman. As far as undergarments go, there are many factors to consider beyond cup size and band length. (Not everything is a numbers game, friends). Knowing your breast type — whether it’s splayed, wide-set, a combination of the two, or something else — is an excellent place to start. Do you know yours? Maybe not. (Friendly tip: This is where the looking-in-the-mirror-part will prove most helpful).
For starters, we enlisted bra-fit experts from Cosabella, Morgan Lane, Negative, ThirdLove, Triumph, and Wacoal to break down eight of the most common breast types. They're also recommending the amazing lingerie to shop for each. No bullshit. Just products that work — for you.
"Underwear is a funny thing," Negative's Marissa Vosper tells Refinery29. "It’s this extremely intimate part of every woman’s wardrobe that often gets the most wear and the least love," her cofounder, Lauren Schwab, adds. We couldn't agree more. And, there's no better time to turn the page and start a new (and improved) chapter for your underwear drawer — beginning with bras that complement what Mother Nature gave you.