16 Ways To Nail Summer Workwear

We wait all winter, longing for summer's return and then when it finally (and fleetingly) arrives, it ushers in a wardrobe panic. What do you wear to work now that it's a "scorching" 25 degrees outside but arctic inside your office when the air-con is on full blast? What's the best and most flattering outfit choice that hides or limits sweat patches and is chic and easy at the same time? What can you wear that's meeting-appropriate that can take you straight out to a rooftop bar after-hours? And are flip flops acceptable? (No, never. Unless you work at Abercrombie & Fitch.)
Before you resign yourself to being late for work most mornings after more sticky sartorial situations rifling through denim shorts, T-shirts and strapless dresses, here are some ideas to make summer styling quick and easy, to maximise time in the sun.

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