Swap Your It Bag For A Kit Bag

The athleisure trend is booming and there’s never been a more acceptable time to drop a cool couple of hundred quid on a hoodie. Just ask Rihanna, who is rarely pictured without a security blanket style baggy hooded jumper, preferably in black. Even two-year-old celebrity offspring North West is repping niche London skate brand Palace. Whether designed by luxury Parisian label du jour Vetements, LFW favourite Ashley Williams or cult skateboarding brand Thrasher, consider slogan hoodies your new shortcut to low-key cool with solid fashion credentials.

If you think about it, spending hundreds of pounds on a cotton jumper kind of makes economic sense. You can wear a hoodie to gym class. You can wear it to lunch, dinner or to the pub. In fact, there are very few places where you can’t wear a hoodie – apart from within a ten-metre radius of a shopping centre security guard that is. And it’s not just hoodies that have been elevated from functional to fashionable. As every item from sports bras to leggings to trainers nudge their way out of our ‘gym’ drawers to claim a hanger in our everyday wardrobes, the line between gym changing room and fashion week front row is becoming increasingly blurred. And the best news? Athleisure is a trend which fits all budgets. These are the athleisure essentials that’ll take you from sporty to spice...

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