5 Reusable & Eco-Friendly Razors Providing The Closest Shave

Photographed by Anna Jay.
Worth an estimated $34 billion a year, the global disposable razor market is booming, but it doesn't take a genius to realise that all those plastic handles and add-ons end up in landfill. It's a scary thought and while we may be familiar with other sustainable beauty swaps such as eco-friendly cotton buds or the humble shampoo bar, there seems to be less talk about avoiding single-use shaving tools.
If shaving is part of your daily shower routine, then ditching your current razor for something more eco-friendly seems like a no-brainer. Although not brand new in the world of shaving, reusable razors are slowly gaining traction, as are more sustainable options, especially among zero-waste enthusiasts and women fed up of throwing away money on single-use pink plastic.
In fact, they're a savvy investment. Fashioned from materials like chrome and stainless steel, many reusable razors come with the promise that they will last for years. What's more, the blade replacements work out much cheaper in the long run than buying plastic razors as and when you need them. Then there's the blade itself. They may not typically come with attached soap bars or lubricating strips for ease of use, like their plastic counterparts, but when teamed with shaving gel or coconut oil, most deliver a closer shave with much less irritation. And if you pick up a safety razor (a tool with a protective device between the blades), there'll be hardly any nicks and grazes, either.
Ahead, discover the best eco-friendly razors online right now.

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