R29 Staffers Reveal Their Signature Scents & Why They Keep Going Back To Them

Photographed by Meg O'Donnell
How do you sniff out the perfect perfume? Perhaps your choice is based on the most pronounced notes: oriental, fresh, woody or floral. Maybe you’re swung by the bottle, the big name brand or the ethos.
Whatever it is that sways you, it often takes years and countless spritzes to find that one perfume you return to time and time again: your signature. It's the perfume that allows your friends to pick you out in a room of hundreds; the one which earns you the most compliments on your morning commute and which you always make a beeline for in Duty Free. But fragrance is also much more nuanced. Research has found that scent is intrinsically linked to memory, people, places and experiences, making perfume less aesthetic and more of a meaningful addition to your daily wardrobe.
Of course, everyone's tastes are different and that makes it all the more interesting. Ahead, 10 R29 staffers share their signature scents and why they just can't get enough.

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