These Positions Will Take Oral Sex To The Next Level

Photographed by: Aslan Eylul.
Oral sex can be fun and intimate, and it can lead to some of the most intense orgasms. So why do so many (mostly straight) people downplay it as a warm up before the main act?
Considering that the vast majority of people with vulvas require external stimulation (or external paired with internal stimulation) to achieve orgasm, it’s worth asking yourself if you’re giving oral sex the attention to detail it deserves. And that includes the positions you and your partner are getting into. Whether you’re working with a penis or a vulva, the right angle can make all the difference.
Before you go to town with your mouth, you might want to have some basic tools handy, like a pillow to prop up the back or butt, a towel or absorbent blanket to provide an ideal environment for letting the fluids flow, and a water-based lube — sure our mouths can create saliva, but that’s not always enough.
Ahead, some oral sex position ideas that will work for all bodies — and convince you once and for all that oral is more than an opening act.
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You’ve gotta love a position that aims to deliver simultaneous pleasure to both parties. The main idea of this position is simple: You perform oral sex on your partner while they perform oral sex on you. Anyone can be the top or bottom, and you’re more than welcome to switch who’s where midway through. You can even both lie on your sides, making this an ideal position for anyone with knee or back pain. Plus, this one works for any combination of genitals.
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Face-sitting / Face Fuck

Like we said, many people with vulvas need a lot of clit stimulation to get off. That said, it’s not always easy for someone to apply consistent, intense pressure with their mouth and tongue for a long period of time. Face-sitting is a brilliant way to let gravity assist someone in achieving the amount of pressure their partner needs. If the top partner has a vulva, they can ride their partner’s mouth, chin, and nose, and use those areas as pressure points to focus on the clit or vaginal opening.

While anyone can face-sit, it is very difficult to suck a cock from below in this position. That said, if the top partner has a penis, this is a great position for teabagging, or using the mouth on someone’s balls. And of course, there’s no reason you can’t get a little rimming action in there, too. Just make sure to talk with your partner about what they’re into beforehand.
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In this position, the giver is on their hands and knees while pleasuring the receiver, who is in a squat-like position. While this sounds like quite the workout for the receiver, it gives them the ability to control the angle and intensity. It’s also easy for them to grab onto their partner’s butt or waist to help guide their movements and control the pacing (with consent, of course). Once you get into the rhythm of it, it can feel like the oral version of doggy-style penetrative sex.
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This one may look familiar to a lot of people, but it’s a staple for a reason: It’s one of the sweeter, less intense takes on oral. The receiver lays on their back with their head propped up, while the giver lays between their legs and goes to town on their crotch. Even if you’re familiar with this position, there’s a lot to explore. The giver is in a prime position to use their fingers on the receiver’s pussy or ass, and the dual stimulation of the combined internal and external sensations is a perfect recipe for an earth-shattering orgasm.

If your partner has a penis, you can also use your thumb and index finger to create a “finger cock ring” which traps blood in the chambers of the penis and increase sensitivity — especially in positions like this in which gravity is working against the blood flow to the penis.

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