The Unexpected Allure Of Argos Jewellery

I am a magpie. If it glitters, I'd like it please. Well not exactly. Preferably it has to be gold as opposed to silver. Preferably it has to be a hoop earring, or a large gold ring, stacks of gold bracelets or layered gold curb chains. I realise that doesn't sound too tasteful when written down, but you can't deny your own truth, can you!
I'm a gold fiend, a jewellery hoarder and a Pawn Shop addict. As I write this, I have 17 earrings in, three gold rings on, three chains, two bracelets and an anklet. I am so sorry if that makes you feel claustrophobic, because it gets worse – I sleep with it all on. Long pause.
It's fair to say I'm au fait with bling and I know where to get the best gold in East (and some parts of South) London, and for the best price. Surprisingly, one of those steadfast outlets is Argos. Before you turn your nose up at it and make a wisecrack about what you used to do with the catalogue as an infant, have you seen the jewellery?
Here, for no reason whatsoever, is my love letter, to the unexpectedly beautiful Argos jewellery offering.