The Best Clarifying Shampoos To Remove All That Build-Up

Designed by Kristine Romano.
From silicone in hair products to pollution, dead skin, dirt and oil, scalp build-up is inevitable. But when it comes to cleansing your hair, not all shampoo is created equal.
If your current shampoo just isn't cutting it and your hair still feels greasy, heavy or simply not as squeaky clean as you'd like it to be, it might be time to shelve it in favour of a clarifying version. Far from a fad, intermittent use of a clarifying shampoo can help remove all the grime which clings to the scalp, making it irritated and flaky – but it also boosts colour and shine without completely stripping your strands of the good stuff.
Whether your hair gripe is dandruff, itchiness or excess oil, click through for our roundup of the best clarifying shampoos, whatever your budget.

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