Beaded Handbags Are The Accessory Of The Hour

If you're an avid follower of Instagram thrift shops, you'll have noticed an uptick in little beaded bags being sold at neck-breaking speeds. Whether it's a white beaded top-handle clutch from the 1950s or a neon pink plastic "grandma" tote that saw life in the '70s, vintage curators can hardly keep one of these embellished bags for longer than it takes a use to DM their credit card info. But while these pretty vintage pieces clearly have their own trend history, they're sudden re-popularity is a small reflection of a bigger trend.
Beaded and pearl encrusted mini bags have quickly become the bag of the hour, riding off a year of success from the likes of Susan Alexandra and Shrimps. Alexandra's hand-crafted, often fruity and rainbow coloured assortment of beaded bags have been spotted on almost any Instagram influencer's grid worth noting. And the sheer popularity of Shrimps' now iconic faux-pearl boxy totes, which retail for upwards of £450, have sold out more than once.
Naturally, in the wake of popularity, others will follow, putting a slight ease on our wallets. Shop the bags that are adding a little extra oomph to our lazy summer looks.

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