Anna Kendrick Sounds Off On Sexism In Hollywood & Beyond

Photo by: Acton Press/REX/Shutterstock
Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick isn't just one of Hollywood's most talented young actresses; she's also among the most candid. In a new interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Oscar-nominated actress reveals that she and Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza were only cast in their new movie, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, after their male co-stars Zac Efron and Adam Devine had locked in their deals.

"You have to go through the process. We had to wait until the boys were cast. Then we got the parts we knew we would," Kendrick recalls, before coolly adding, "We knew we had it in the bag. Besides, I like letting men think they’re in control."

Kendrick goes on to argue, very sensibly, that any discussion of gender inequality in Hollywood needs to be used to spread awareness of the wider issue. "Sexism exists and it's a f**king problem,’ she tells The Daily Telegraph. "But pinpointing it to Hollywood isn’t helpful. Women everywhere deal with this s**t; it’s a global problem. Resisting diversity is bizarre but it’s good that [some stars] are bringing that issue to light. Hopefully that will trickle through all areas of the workforce."

During the interview Kendrick also hails the work of "great comediennes" like Amy Schumer and Tina Fey who "take issues like sexism that you feel strongly about and pinpoint them in such a way that you completely agree."

After explaining that funny women like Bette Midler, Janeane Garofalo and Britain's own Catherine Tate have long been an influence on her, Kendrick adds encouragingly, "But now men are noticing and going, 'Wow, women in comedy, this is a thing.' And we’re saying, 'Yeah, we’ve always been here. Had you not noticed?'"

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