A Quick Guide To Angel Numbers & What They Actually Mean

Even the least superstitious or spiritual of people will probably, at some stage, be on the lookout for a sign from the universe. Whether it's a signal that we need to leave a relationship or move to a new city, we often look outwards for someone, or something, to help guide our decisions — and even if you're not religious, sometimes it's just nice to think there's something divine out there. The serendipitous signs we look for can be in nature, or in people, but some can actually be in numbers. Specifically, angel numbers.

What are angel numbers?

By definition, angel numbers are a sequence of repetitive numerals, most often consisting of three or four numbers — for example, 777 or 1234. When we see any kind of pattern out in the world, it often gets our attention, and angel numbers are no exception. Whether you're walking past house number 222 or you see a sign that reads 111 kilometres, seeing these patterns can incite curiosity and wonder.

Where do angel numbers come from?

Dating back to Ancient Greece, angel numbers have long been thought to be messages from the universe that can give us insight into our lives or show us themes or patterns in what we may be experiencing. Unlike other esoteric practices such as zodiac signs or birth charts, angel numbers have no link to your birth information or other facts about you.
Instead of presenting a relatively fixed guide to how to live your life like these other practices, angel numbers present random opportunities to reflect and consider. And if you find yourself finding them more frequently, it doesn't necessarily mean a deeper connection, but rather that you are being present enough to the world around you to notice them.
One of the beautiful things about angel numbers is their ability to appear in mundane settings, like in phone numbers, house numbers and page numbers. Some believe that these signs from the universe appear in otherwise ordinary places to remind you of the importance of each moment, even the boring ones, and leading you towards a greater purpose. And for others, seeing an angel number is just a nice way of feeling like things have patterns and circularity, and it will all be okay in the end.

What do specific angel numbers mean?

There are a few common patterns that have been defined by numerologists:

000 or 0000

Zeroes are often associated with new beginnings and fresh starts.

111 or 1111

Ones are a signal that you need to set intentions and goals.

222 or 2222

Twos encourage balance and the need to trust people.

333 or 3333

Threes indicate creativity and connection.

444 or 4444

Fours symbolise a need for stability and grounding.

555 or 5555

Fives signal a major change is coming.

666 or 6666

Sixes, whilst having a bad reputation for appearing in multiples, actually serve as a reminder to be kind and patient with yourself, according to angel number theory.

777 or 7777

Sevens mean good fortune and luck.

888 or 8888

Eights are a divine number of numerology, and it symbolises a strong connection to spirituality.

999 or 9999

Nines, as the final single digit, represent a season of your life that is coming to an end.
Whether you choose to believe in angel numbers or not, sometimes seeing a pattern like these out in the world is enough to catch your eye and bring you into the present moment — and maybe that in itself is enough.

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