Your December Horoscope Is Here & Things Are Going To Get Hot

Welcome to December, cosmic beings! The final month of 2023 has arrived and it is one of the most remarkable and memorable months we’ll experience this year. It begins with Mercury, the Planet of Communication, entering Capricorn for an extended stay. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn starts on December 13, and we’ll feel the effects of its pre-shadow period during the first half of the month, making it an ideal time to review our agreements, streamline our finances, and create order in our daily routines.
Meanwhile, Venus, the Planet of Love, enters the mysterious sign of Scorpio on December 4 and remains there until December 29. When Venus is in Scorpio we tend to feel more passionate and sensitive, which could lead to us both craving intimacy and pushing it away, sometimes simultaneously. Venus in Scorpio also increases our overall sex drive and magnetism, while making us more selective of who we allow in our orbit.
After a five-month retrograde, Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, will turn direct in Pisces on December 6. This transit brings clarity to our subconscious thoughts, allowing us to better express ourselves in our relationships and artistic expressions. On December 12, the new moon in Sagittarius encourages us to say yes to new adventures, particularly if they are the type of endeavours we’ve been wanting to do since the decade began. The combination of the new moon and Mercury retrograde will help us find ingenious ways to bring our most elaborate visions to life.
Once Capricorn season begins on December 22 followed by Mercury retrograding back into Sagittarius on December 23, we may feel called to streamline our activities and end the year on a more minimal note. The full moon in Cancer strikes on December 26, the same day that Chiron ends its retrograde in Aries. Then on December 29, Venus enters Sagittarius, and Jupiter ends its retrograde in Taurus on the 30th. Our intuitive awareness will be through the roof during the final week of December, and the more we stay true to our inner wisdom, the happier and more spiritually aligned we’ll feel as we bid adieu to 2023 and welcome a fresh start.
Read your horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs for the most in-depth forecast.

Aries Sun & Rising

Aries, your planetary ruler Mars remains in Sagittarius all month long, helping you breathe new life into projects you had previously placed on the back-burner. You may feel more driven and spontaneous during the first three weeks of December, especially once the new moon in Sagittarius strikes on December 12.
Starting December 13, Mercury’s retrograde through Capricorn could have you second-guessing decisions you recently made in your career. Take your time to evaluate your options and avoid making impulsive changes during the retrograde, as you may later regret them.
Once the solstice strikes on the 21st and Capricorn season begins, you’ll start to take yourself and your life path more seriously, which could lead to you weeding out people who felt like distractions from your larger purpose.
Use the full moon in Cancer on December 26 — as well as Chiron’s shift direct in your sign later that same day — to clarify what your priorities are to your own self, particularly when it has to do with familial responsibilities and your self-development journey.
You’ll end the year feeling financially blessed once Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, shifts direct in Taurus, stimulating your money sector for the next five months.

Taurus Sun & Rising

Taurus, Jupiter has been retrograde in your sign for the past four and a half months, and at the end of this month it will finally shift direct. You’ll already feel the pre-shadow influence as the month begins, and Mercury’s presence in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn will help you weed out distractions and create a game plan for what you want to achieve during the rest of Jupiter’s transit through your sign.
You have five months to really get your life together and make sure you’re living in accordance with your values, and the new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 serves as an ideal starting point for releasing limiting beliefs and focusing on the best-case scenario. The one caveat is that Mercury begins its retrograde through Capricorn (and will later re-enter Sagittarius) just one day after the new moon, so a part of you may feel indecisive when setting your new moon intentions. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you and who want to collaborate with you on your endeavours is your key to success.
Capricorn season begins on the 21st, and five days later the full moon in Cancer lights up your sector of communication and creativity. The final week of December could prove to be quite rewarding, but in order to reap the rewards you have to be willing to put your art and talents out there rather than staying in your comfort zone. Jupiter’s shift direct in your sign on December 30 will feel like the ultimate end-of-year celebration, and you’ll be under the impression that the universe truly wants you to win. Celebrate your evolution!

Gemini Sun & Rising

Gemini, on December 13 your planetary ruler Mercury begins its retrograde through Capricorn (and later Sagittarius), and you’ll already feel its pre-shadow influence as soon as the month begins. Do your best to decrease the amount of work you do or the tasks you’re responsible for this month. Focus instead on completing missions you had previously procrastinated on — Mercury’s presence in Capricorn will allow you to connect with collaborators who take the work seriously and who aren’t going to cut any corners. You just have to be willing to take the work as seriously as they do.
Once Mercury retrograde begins on the 13th, it’s best to lay low and stay out of drama. Your secret haters or frenemies may come out of the woodwork during this retrograde and attempt to cancel you or make your life miserable. The more you focus on your own journey and stay in your own lane, the more you’ll be able to deter unwanted attention and bad vibes from affecting your happiness. Once Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius on the 23rd, don’t be surprised if you get hit with blasts from the past in the form of ex-friends or past lovers resurfacing.
The full moon in Cancer on the 26th is an invitation to rethink the way you view money and social status. Instead of qualifying your wealth based on your job title or the amount in your bank account, you’ll be paying more attention to how your daily actions and intentions make you feel and impact those around you. Heart-centred living is calling your name, especially once Jupiter ends its retrograde in Taurus in your spirituality and healing sector on December 30.

Cancer Sun & Rising

Cancer, as the month begins your focus is on your relationships. Mercury’s entrance into Capricorn on December 1 is making you become more aware of what worked and what didn’t in your most important partnerships. Instead of pointing fingers or casting the blame on others, use the first half of the month to have clarifying and constructive conversations with lovers, friends, family members, or colleagues — anyone who may not realise what your needs and expectations are. Avoid succumbing to passive-aggressive behaviour or expecting people to read your mind — Mercury will be in its pre-shadow period, so the more upfront you are before the retrograde begins, the more satisfied you’ll feel in your relationships.
Once Mercury begins its retrograde in Capricorn, miscommunications or past drama may pop up. Having this awareness ahead of time can prevent you from getting caught up in situations that end up wasting your time. Avoid projecting your confusion onto others or allowing them to do to the same to you. Focus instead on using your annual full moon on December 26 to decipher who you can trust and why.
Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, ends its retrograde in Taurus on December 30 and sparks waves of change in your sector of community and social networks. If you’ve been in hibernation mode when it comes to social media or your social group, you’ll end the year in a more social and passionate mood than you’ve felt in quite some time, which could lead to a personal renaissance or rebrand.

Leo Sun & Rising

Leo, Sagittarius season is all about having fun and letting your hair down, and that’s likely what you’ll be spending the first three weeks of the month doing. The new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 kickstarts a six-month period of more ecstatic experiences in your love life, whether you’re single or coupled. The key is to be present with the magic of what you’re attracting romantically right now, and not overthink it.
One day later Mercury begins its retrograde through Capricorn, and this activates your sector of health, routine, and wellness. This retrograde may highlight physical ailments that you’ve been dealing with in recent months — this would be a good time to get in your yearly check-ups if you haven’t yet. The full moon in Cancer on December 26 further highlights your need to check in on not only your physical health, but your spiritual wellbeing too. If you haven’t yet had the chance to vent to a loved one or therapist, it’s advised to use this full moon to get things off your chest in a healthy way.
The year ends with Venus, the Planet of Love, entering Sagittarius on December 29, and Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, shifting direct in Taurus on December 30. These two contrasting energies will have you reflecting on changes you can make to your career as we enter 2024 as well as changes you’re ready to make in your love life. You’ll soon see that it’s when you feel fulfilled in your career that everything seems to fall in place for you romantically, and vice versa — they’re interconnected, so find an equilibrium between working hard and loving hard.

Virgo Sun & Rising

Virgo, Neptune’s shift direct in Pisces this month on December 6 (after a five-month-long retrograde throughout your partnership sector) highlights a new sense of awareness in your relationships. When combined with Mercury’s entrance into Capricorn at the start of the month, you’re likely to feel more emotionally in tune with people close to you, making the first half of the month an ideal time to make amends, clear the air, and let people know how you’re really feeling.
Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in Scorpio starting December 4, further encouraging you to practice vulnerability and transparency in your relationships, as well as in the way you communicate. But beware — your stubbornness will increase as a result of this transit.
The new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 squares off with your Scorpio nature, so you’re likely to feel tension when it comes to a major home-related decision. You may have to deal with a family member’s shenanigans around this time, but remember that even if you have a naturally giving spirit, you’re not here to save everyone — they ultimately must learn to save themselves. Taking a step back from matters outside of your control is the main lesson once your planetary ruler Mercury begins its retrograde through Capricorn on December 13.
You’ll end the month feeling both inspired and somewhat exhausted due to the full moon in Cancer revealing truths about frenemies on December 26, and Chiron ending its retrograde in your sector of merging that same day. Fortunately, Jupiter’s shift direct in Taurus on December 30 gives you a boost of sustainable energy as we draw the curtain on 2023.

Libra Sun & Rising

Libra, your planetary ruler Venus leaves your sign and enters Scorpio on December 4. This activates your sector of money and self-esteem for the next four weeks, allowing you to think more strategically and attract money through doing more of what emotionally stimulates your soul. If you’ve been wanting to share your art with the world, do so in the first half of the month, before Mercury begins its retrograde. Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, will end its retrograde in Pisces on December 6, and this further inspires you to let your inner artist soar — you’re likely to be rewarded for it, too.
The new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 intensifies your need for self-expression, as your communication sector is lit up by this new moon. When combined with the south node travelling through your sign, you’ll feel more sure of yourself and what you’re meant to share with the world these next six months. But since Mercury begins its retrograde the day after the new moon, you’re better off working behind the scenes and avoiding distractions, particularly once Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on December 23.
Capricorn season starts the 21st, shifting your focus to your home life. A family secret may be revealed around December 26, and since Chiron, the asteroid that deals with our inner wounds, will shift direct in Aries (in your partnership sector) later that day, you won’t be able to escape having long overdue heart-to-hearts with people who know who you really are beneath your sunny exterior. Let the mask fall — end the year in the spirit of authentically revealing your truth.

Scorpio Sun & Rising

Venus, the Planet of Love, enters your sign on December 4. If you’ve felt like your love life has been topsy-turvy this year, Venus’ transit through your sign could make up for the chaos by helping you get clear on what it takes to make you feel fulfilled as a romantic partner. The key is for you to now admit this to your current, past, or potential partner(s) and avoid getting caught up in mind games — instead of trying to figure out which one of you loves the other most, you should focus on loving each other (and your own selves) well.
Neptune’s shift direct on December 6 brings attention to your sector of fate, true love, and creativity. If you’ve been in a creative rut lately, the end of Neptune retrograde strokes your imaginative flames, helping you either celebrate a past work of art, bring new life to it, or create something new altogether. Then on the 12th the new moon in Sagittarius provides you with the opportunity to think of innovative ways to boost your income these next six months — just make sure you’ve created a savings plan along with it, or else the money will be spent just as quickly as it’s earned.
Capricorn season is one of your most serious periods of the year, so once the solstice strikes on the 21st, followed by the full moon in Cancer on the 26th, you’ll be brainstorming ways to continue to expand your empire, sustainably. That could look like applying for a new course of study or planning a relocation in the coming weeks or months. If you’re an entrepreneur, at year’s end you may not be in the typical holiday spirit — you’ll be in the mood to buckle down and invest in your business because you can tell that once Jupiter ends its retrograde on December 30, you have nowhere to go but up.

Sagittarius Sun & Rising

Enjoy the rest of Sagittarius season during the first three weeks of December, dear archer. With Mars hanging out in your sign all month long, you’re likely to feel intellectually and physically empowered by the cosmic energy. Then the new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 is your annual rebirth period. Get clear about what you’ve been ready to let go of, and be specific about what you’re ready to bring forth in your life. The new moon intentions you write between December 12 and December 22 will set you up for a six-month period of expansion and growth.
Mercury begins its retrograde in Capricorn on the 12th, and then retrogrades back into your sign on December 23. This retrograde will help you assess your own value and worth, and it’ll remind you that what matters most is how you view yourself, and how you define yourself for yourself. Use Capricorn season to have an honest conversation with yourself about what went well this year and what you want to improve in the coming year.
The full moon in Cancer on the 26th will allow you to reflect with the spirit of self-compassion at the core of your evaluation process. Once your planetary ruler Jupiter ends its retrograde on the 30th, you’ll feel mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared to enter 2024, with a strong head on your shoulders.

Capricorn Sun & Rising

Your birthday season starts this month, Capricorn. But before we get there, the sun continues to travel through Sagittarius — along with Mars, the Planet of Action — highlighting your need to look within yourself for answers. It’s important that you focus on doing work that feels fulfilling to you, and not merely doing work that will gain you accolades or amp up your professional reputation. With Jupiter continuing its retrograde through Taurus for the majority of the month, you’d benefit from being present with the simpler pleasures of life rather than chasing the next accomplishment on your bucket list.
Use the new moon in Sagittarius on December 12 to get clear about times when you’ve overworked yourself this year, and vow to create a new, healthier reality for yourself in the coming year. Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, is completing its final stretch in your sign before re-entering Aquarius on January 20. You’re likely going to have many moments between December 12 and December 22 (the peak of the new moon manifestation period) where you feel like someone reflecting in their own world — pay attention to the spiritual downloads you receive at this time, as they’ll serve you for years to come.
Once your birthday season begins on December 21, the attention turns to you. But this may feel like an atypical birthday season filled with plot twists, due to the fact that Mercury will be retrograde in your sign from December 13 to the 23, and then it’ll enter Sagittarius. You’re advised to keep your sense of humour this month, Capricorn — particularly during the latter half. Resist the urge to control every aspect of your life, and instead get curious about the plot twists you’re experiencing. Once Jupiter ends its retrograde in Taurus on December 30, what initially seemed like a rejection will actually be a blessing in disguise.

Aquarius Sun & Rising

Aquarius, the first three weeks of December are defined by Sagittarius season lighting up your sector of friendship and social networks. This is the time to let loose, forget your regular schedule, and allow yourself to be wild and free. Pluto is about to re-enter your sign on January 20th, so spend December tapping into your more dreamy and ethereal nature and doing whatever your heart desires without feeling the need to explain yourself.
Venus’ presence in Scorpio starting December 4 could lead to exciting professional opportunities popping up this month. If you have the opportunity to start a new job, try to accept it before Mercury begins its retrograde in Capricorn on December 13. If you have to sign a contract during Mercury retrograde, make sure it has to do with an opportunity you had already been in discussions about for weeks or months prior to the retrograde, and take your time reading through the small print. If this is a brand new opportunity, it’s best to wait until mid-January before making any partnerships official.
Neptune turns direct in Pisces on December 6, easing up the pressure you felt in your financial sector, and the new moon in Sagittarius on the 13th helps you feel more extroverted as we enter the second half of the month. Once Capricorn season begins on the 21st, though, you may feel like a walking paradox. A part of you will want to be the life of the party due to Mars and the new moon activating your social sector, and another part of you may feel like a recluse due to Mercury and the sun in Capricorn highlighting your sector of closure and healing. It’s up to you to find a balance between partying and reflecting.

Pisces Sun & Rising

Pisces, on December 6, Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, ends its five-month retrograde through your sign. You’ll still experience a post-shadow period for over a month, but if you’ve felt like you were stuck in a mental haze these past five months and that you were more sensitive than usual, you’ll start to notice yourself coming into your own and feeling more grounded due to Neptune’s shift direct in your sector of self-development.
Use this period of clarity to dream up your ideal reality for 2024 — the new moon in Sagittarius strikes on December 12 and inspires you to think outside of the box when it comes to what you can do with your time, money, and resources in the coming year. Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in your fellow water sign of Scorpio starting December 4, and this gives you the willpower to do more than dream — you’ll want to create a tangible plan, which might mean leaving behind jobs or relationships that you’ve outgrown.
Make any major changes in your life in the first half of the month, because starting December 13, Mercury’s retrograde could slow down your momentum and have you second-guessing some of the choices you thought were right for you. Fortunately, your planetary ruler Jupiter ends its retrograde in Taurus on December 30, reminding you that even when everything around you seems up in the air, the universe has your back and will create divine pathways for you to continue to thrive.

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