Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope Is Here

Illustrated by Anthony Eslick
Perhaps it goes without saying that we're looking forward to leaving 2020 behind, and eagerly anticipating an exciting new future in 2021. And the planets are shifting, helping us to consider a new way of going about life. 
A fresh path opens up for us on December 31, which feels apropos. The Sun spends the day in practical Capricorn, encouraging us to plan for the unexpected on New Year’s Eve. The night before, we enjoyed a Full Moon in sensitive Cancer, but tonight, the Moon wanes in proud Leo, putting us in the mood to shake things up, get noticed, and receive blessings. Although  our typical celebrations are a bit smaller this year, we can make the most of the transit by dressing up in something flashy and enjoying ringing in the New Year with our tier 4 buddies, or a wider virtual circle. Play games like charades or trivia to keep the mood bright and happy.
It's important to build ourselves up this New Year's Eve, as our self-image may have become distorted thanks to Venus's Dec. 30 square with illusion-loving Neptune. This transit's influence continues through New Year's Eve, and it will mess with the way we see ourselves and others. Even though it’s a celebratory night, we’d be better off avoiding over-indulging in alcohol or other mind-bending substances during this square between the Planet of Love and Beauty and the Planet of Dreams; we’re having a hard enough time seeing straight as it is.
All in all, we're being encouraged to work towards common goals in 2021. Saturn, which governs our power structures, moved into innovative Aquarius on December 17, and Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, followed on December 19. Together, these transits create a hopeful outlook towards supporting humanitarian efforts, helping us turn away from old selfish ways of thinking. 
This New Year’s Eve, we’re already feeling the glow of a more community-oriented mindset, and the vibe is strongly grounded in realism, thanks to chatty Mercury moving through sensible Capricorn. Sure, Dec. 31 is just one day out of a whole year. But the stars and planets are in our favour, and that helps us enter the new year with confidence.

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