The Great Conjunction Is Almost Here, & It Will Change Everything

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This past month has felt a little... different, right? Things appear to be shifting, and I think I know why: On December 21, Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, and Saturn, the Planet of Authority, are gearing up to meet in Aquarius in a rare astrological event known as The Great Conjunction. This powerful placement, which happens to coincide with the Winter Solstice, marks the beginning of a new era — one that may finally usher in some much-needed optimism.
These two planets seem to cozy up in the night sky every 20 years or so, but this year, they will be super-close — like, closer than they've been since 1623. They meet at zero degrees Aquarius, a placement that relates to starting brand-new cycles, according to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for From our vantage point on Earth, these two bright planets will appear as a single, glowing star — because of this, and the timing of the celestial event, many are calling this the "Christmas Star."
Their proximity means we'll be "more psychically sensitive and feel the movement of these planets more," astrologer Lisa Stardust says. She also says it'll make us want to take action in changing our lives — just in time for 2021.
"When these two planets come together, outdated social forms and ways die in order to give birth to new ones," Montúfar explains. The Great Conjunction has shaped historical trends and eras, and usually marks a time of immense change, she says. Consider this: The last time a Great Conjunction occurred was May 28, 2000, at the start of the new millennium.
Another reason this year is so notable is that each time the two planets meet for the next 150 to 200 years, it will happen in an Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra) — and besides one Great Conjunction in Libra in 1981, it's the first time that's happened since the 1400s. During the last 200 years or so, Saturn and Jupiter had been coming together every 20 years in Earth signs, which could explain our society's obsession with material things, conquering land, and money. Montúfar says that collectively, we'll be moving away from the materialistic and industrialised towards a more humanistic, technological, and inclusive focus.
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, says that some astrologers consider this cycle the "foundation upon which the world is built." She tells Refinery29 that, "It's been said this cycle is considered the ground base of human development which marks the interaction between the perception of ideas, potentialities, and the manifestation of ideas in the concrete material world." In other words, we're about to enter into an age of technological and ideological advances — so buckle up.
Montúfar says that since this conjunction is happening in the innovative sign of Aquarius, "everyone will be encouraged to embody the highest vibration of this humanistic sign in the form of social and progressive social activism. These changes are slow, but little by little, materialism and the search for mass control will become outdated to give birth to a more inclusive and modern way of relating to one another." You may already feel these vibes starting to mount — after a tumultuous 2020, our society's need and fight for a better, more equitable world is becoming stronger each day.
Stardust agrees. "We are entering a new astrological phase that will bring humanity, harmony, and peace to our lives and to Earth," she explains. "We will use empathy to change the world. As we come out of the age and year of Capricorn, we are purifying ourselves of tyrannical rule and evolving into our best selves." This can correlate directly to our government, Stardust explains. "We will be continuing to take back the power of a democratic state, using intellect and reason to govern our sensibilities, and learning to embrace different opinions in society," she says.
So how can we use this historic day to our advantage? LA-based astrologer Chani Nicholas says now is the time to initiate something meaningful. "If you have something that you want to begin that you're deeply committed to and you're willing to work really intensely at and that you want to do for a long period of time, this is the time to initiate something in regard to that," she tells Refinery29.
Whatever venture you launch, though, is not something to start frivolously, she explains. "It’s something that you actually want to commit to and you’re willing to put your effort, your talents, your time, and your energy behind. It’s something that you take seriously," she says. This is a moment that you can use to make your mark. "Whatever feels long-lasting for you, or has the ability to be long-lasting, this is the astrology to initiate something in the world regarding that thing."
Maybe you want to write a book, start a new career, or, heck, run for office. Whatever it is, now is the time to put those dreams into action and set the tone for this upcoming cycle. What're you waiting for?

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