What Venus In Sagittarius Means For Your Love Life

Photographed by Karen Sofia Colon.
We've weathered many stormy astrological events this year, but things are finally looking a little brighter. Case in point: After a year of virtual dating and quarantine breakups, our love lives are getting a much-needed break as Venus leaves Scorpio and enters playful, fiery Sagittarius on December 15. The planet of love says in the sign of the archer until January 7 — and that's seriously good news for us all.
Not to throw shade, but Scorpio is Venus's least favourite sign to be in. It's a controlling, intense placement. "Sagittarius is a great placement for Venus, as the goddess of love and desire likes to soak in this sign’s warmth optimism," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com. It's a placement that makes us want to live our lives to the absolute fullest.
To keep things interesting, though, this Venus transit won't be acting like normal, astrologer Lisa Stardust warns. "This time around, it will be afflicted by elusive Neptune on December 30 and align with the South Node of Destiny on December 31," she esays. "We may feel a tad lovesick, lost in our emotions, and uncertain about the future of our relationships or finances at this time." Don't stress, though. She points out that there's a karmic lesson at play here — now's the time to change the way we commit to others and get a handle on how we spend our money. By doing so, Stardust says we can move into 2021 on a high romantic note.
If you're already coupled up as Venus enters Sag, Montúfar says that the transit will make us want to indulge in lavish dinners and long, fun date nights with our boos. "We will be less jealous and a little more careless when it comes to having our partner’s attention to ourselves," she says. As we move away from the possessiveness of Venus in Scorpio, Montúfar says we'll lean into a more playful and adventurous attitude towards love and relationships. The fun-loving Sag energy is here to breathe new life into your relationship, so use these lighthearted vibes to your advantage and plan an indoor game night complete with homemade cocktails and your favourite takeaway. Or take it a step further and head out on the open road to rent out a secluded cottage in the country. The romance factor here is real.
For those of you that are single and ready to mingle, Montúfar says that the fire coming from Sagittarius can cause you to get bored easily of prospective partners. You may feel the desire to jump from one love interest to the next during this time to keep up with the energy. "Sagittarius is a sign that wants to experience it all — and so when Venus is in this sign, some singles risk double booking themselves and committing to too many dates," she says. This is why while Venus is in Sag, it's not the best time to commit to someone — the energy is far more focused on having fun and enjoying your freedom.
Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Keen.com, agrees. "Venus in Sagittarius has been known to gallop away quickly if things get too heavy or serious, especially if a new relationship is involved," she explains. "Typically, Sagittarius can be the most restless of signs and cannot stand to be bored."
Dating during this transit can be plenty entertaining, but make sure to set some boundaries for yourself (and for your prospective lovers) so you don't get caught up in too many carefree romances. Don't book back-to-back virtual dates (Zoom fatigue — it's a real risk). Recognise this restless energy and channel it into other productive actions; instead of focusing too hard on finding the perfect partner, carve out some time to work on your passion projects as well. Now's the time to have fun!
Venus entering Sagittarius is a good place to be as we head into the holidays, an already stressful time. The playful Sag vibes are going to make our love lives light, carefree, and, most importantly, fun. Use this time to shake off any serious energy you're carrying, and to lean into love — you may just surprise yourself.

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