365 Days Will Finally Be Translated To English For Your Thirsting Pleasure

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Earlier this summer, horndogs audiences everywhere were captivated by the release of the overwhelmingly erotic Italian-Polish film 365 Days on Netflix. Adapted from writer Blanka Lipińska's book trilogy, the movie (which was honestly more like a porno with some drawn out plot points) followed the problematic but sexy romance between a mob boss and the unwilling object of his affections. Months after the movie’s release, the opportunity to imagine yourself as the plucky protagonist getting her back blown out has arrived — 365 Days is finally being translated into English!
365 Days and its equally chaotic sequels were originally published in Polish, making it really difficult for fans of the author’s work to go back and check out the original story after seeing the film on Netflix. However, Oprah.com reports that the first book in Lipińska's steamy series is scheduled to be re-released in English early January 2021. Which means we’ll finally get to see some of the nuance that didn’t make it into the feature film. (By nuance, I’m talking about sex — my spirit tells me that they left out some good love scenes!)
In case you missed the 365 Days craze when it hit the timeline, the film explored the complicated relationship between Massimo Torricelli (honest-to-God zaddy Michele Morrone) and Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), a woman that he becomes obsessed with after spotting her by chance. Massimo stalks Laura for years after seeing her in his dreams, and he finally happens upon her during a trip to Italy. He kidnaps her, revealing a grand plan the likes of which you’ve only ever come across in a Wattpad novel: seducing her for a years until she falls in love with him. And if she doesn’t, he’ll let her go. 
Under normal circumstances, this would be an absolutely ridiculous plot. However, Massimo is so sexy that it should actually be against the law, so his plan actually works, and even I can’t blame Laura for getting caught up in his game. I mean, you’ve seen the man. Criminally fine. 
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The lovers proceed to have lots of very dirty sex — yachts hit different now, huh? — and all is well until Laura gets caught in the crosshairs of a mafia war. At the end of the film, she’s kidnapped, presumably by a rival mob, leaving Massimo and his perfectly coiffed hair in tears.
The sequel to the viral film (titled Ten dzień or That Day) is already reportedly in the works, and it will likely hit cinemas around the same time that the second translated novel will be released in 2022. Its plot, according to readers who’ve checked out the rest of the Polish-language book series, will get even stranger; I’m talking another sexy mob boss and a whole ass twin brother level of weird, people. So buckle up for an even wilder ride, baby girl.
Until the translated version of the novel and the film sequel are released, I guess you'll just have to settle for rewatching the movie on Netflix on a loop or doing a deep dive into Marrone's Instagram page. As if you weren't already doing that. No judgment, though!

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