Tom Holland Gave His Brother An At-Home Haircut — & Chaos Ensued

Photo: JTBC PLUS/Imazins/Getty Images.
There's no doubt that quarantine has brought out new talents for those who have the privilege of staying at home — whether that's becoming a TikTok dancer, learning to bake bread, or channeling your inner barista. But one skillset that's definitely making the rounds, even in Hollywood, is hairstyling. The latest aspiring barber? Tom Holland, who just turned his house into an at-home salon.
The Marvel star took to Instagram to live-stream himself giving his younger brother, Harry Holland, a haircut. Celebrity hairstylist Christine Nelli coaches Tom through every step, using a mannequin head on her end as a guide. But it soon becomes clear that the pair needs much more hand-holding than either of them anticipated — and it's hilarious to watch.
Things go south as soon as Tom turns on the trimmers near the beginning of the tutorial. "That's not supposed to sound like that," Tom says with a worried face as the clippers whir loudly in the background. "The conversion isn't right... Those are American [clippers]," Nelli informs him. When Nelli tells Tom to wet Harry's hair, Tom grabs a full cup of water and proceeds to pour it directly over his brothers head — and he clearly looks panicked.
But, eventually (and with the help of some friends), they get there — and Harry seems pretty pleased with the results. "I think it looks fine, I'm quite happy with it," he says. Tom, also impressed with his haircutting skills, adds, '"I'm actually so proud of myself." Harry immediately posted his final look on Instagram, and we have to say, it's a lot better than we expected.
Holland isn't the only celebrity to recently phone a friend for a haircut. This month, Miley Cyrus also asked her go-to hairstylist, Sally Hershberger, to coach her mum via FaceTime to give her a "pixie mullet" transformation. It seems like quarantine is bringing out the secret talents for many of us — and serving as pure entertainment for the rest of us who get to watch.

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