Rihanna Will End 2019 Like She Started It: Trolling Fans

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
Are we finally getting a new Rihanna album for Christmas? She'll literally never tell. The Queen Of Not Releasing An Album Since 2016 continues to reign supreme, and now she's just rubbing it in. Over on Instagram, she decided to get in on a recent viral video of a dog appearing to dance in a box by turning it into a meme so cruel someone commented: "I HATEEEEEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
In the final few days of 2018, Rihanna promised in an Instagram comment that R9 — a potentially dancehall-inspired albumwas coming in 2019. With just about 200 hours remaining, the singer is running out of time to make good on that promise, but her most recent Instagram post suggests we could be closer than ever.
"Update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it" she captioned the video of the dog, proving she knows exactly how to push her fans' buttons.
While this may be a troll, it does suggest one thing: R9 is done, it just hasn't been released. This is exactly the kind of trick the singer pulled right before ANTI in 2016, so maybe R9 will follow suit.
She also may have dropped another clue last month when she revealed that she was working on "that ish called Balance."
This has people wondering if "Balance" is the name of the long-awaited album, and Rihanna wouldn't be the only singer down to the wire on 2019 music. Justin Bieber also teased new music, cryptically tweeting the dates 24 December, 31 December, and 3 January.
Even cryptic dates from Rihanna would be better than nothing at this point, but she's probably too busy watching that dog meme over and over again.
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