The Weird Way Foot Fetish Sites Helped Create Bombshell

Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate.
Anyone who has witnessed Charlize Theron as a picture-perfect replica of Megyn Kelly knows that attention to detail was vital for ripped-from-the-headlines film Bombshell. Now, exactly how the Fox News-focused film replicated the look of the Roger Ailes-run office has been revealed. 
Bombshell tells the story of the women who helped take down Ailes following a slew of sexual harassment allegations. Much of the movie takes place within the Fox News offices, which were recreated within an old Los Angeles Times building. To get the appearance of the office exactly right sans the cooperation of Fox News, the filmmakers had to search foot fetish websites, according to Bombshell production designer Mark Ricker in a new piece on the film by The Hollywood Reporter
In addition to using selfies from Fox News hosts and archival footage to copy the details of their office, Ricker went on foot fetish websites, where many of the women employees had their feet featured. “Towering stiletto heels” were a big part of the unofficial Fox News uniform, according to costume designer Colleen Atwood in the Hollywood Reporter piece, hence why foot fetish sites were a place to find such content. 
Ricker told THR that while most people watching the film won’t know how accurate the production attempted to get the Fox News office, it was imperative to get it right. 
"Ninety-eight percent of the people who see the movie aren't going to know what the inner offices look like, but the other 2% of the audience will be the ones who worked there, and they will know," Ricker told THR. "I just wanted them to think, 'Oh my God, how'd they get it so right?'"
Outside of replicating the Fox News anchor’s look for the film, Theron told The New York Times that she paid careful attention to how the real-life Kelly acted in order to make sure she nailed her performance. 
“She leads with her jaw, and she has this very static, still posture that nothing can penetrate. It’s like, ‘I will not give you a physical read on me.’ Even when she shares emotional stories, she protects herself at all times,” Theron explained to the outlet of how she chose to portray Kelly accurately. 

With so much attention paid to the details, Bombshell may feel scarily true to life.

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