Guillermo Del Toro & The Creator Of The Act Are Making The Most Disturbing Movie

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The trailer for highly-anticipated horror movie Antlers just dropped, promising a dark and twisted fairytale from the mind behind true crime series The Act.
Antlers is directed by Black Mass helmer Scott Cooper and produced by Shape of Water Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro. It's based on the short story "The Quiet Boy" by The Act and Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca, which you can read right now on Guernica, if you're in a spoiler-y mood. The trailer itself does not give too much away about the plot, but does suggest a film so unsettling, you won't want to watch alone.
The trailer begins with voiceover of young boy Lucas (Jeremy T. Thomas) reading a fairytale in class about three bears that "lived in a dark and wet cave, up above a small town." The scene then cuts to that boy, seemingly alone in a dark house until something ominous looms behind his triple-locked bedroom door.
"One day, Little Bear came home, and found that Big Bear and Baby Bear were different," Lucas reads to his concerned teacher Julia (Keri Russell).
Soon, the trailer goes full chaos, with a man in a gas mask discovering dead animal carcasses, a bloody trail, and hanging antlers in Lucas' house. How did they get there? What happened to Lucas' family, the two other bears? Are they the monsters Lucas is so afraid of?
The original short story is told from Julia's perspective, as she attempts to uncover the truth behind the quiet boy in her class. She quickly realises that some secrets should be left undiscovered, and that some doors remain locked for very good reason.
Del Toro is famous for telling twisted versions of fairytales. Pan's Labyrinth, Shape of Water, and Crimson Peak all utilise fairytale tropes to tell stories of monsters, and monstrous men.
Don't expect a happily-ever-after with Antlers. Check out the trailer below:
Antlers hits cinemas in 2020.

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