Stella McCartney Unveils ‘All Together Now’ Collection Inspired By The Beatles

Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney.
We may be several decades past the heyday of The Beatles, but that hasn’t stopped the iconic band from having a cultural moment in 2019. The recent movie Yesterday, for one, explores what a world without The Beatles’ music might look like. And now, we’ve got an entire line inspired by Yellow Submarine, the group’s landmark hand-drawn film that celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Stella McCartney — designer extraordinaire and daughter of Paul McCartney — recently debuted the “All Together Now” collection, which reimagines the film’s vibrant, colourful spirit for a new generation.
“I found that I was removing myself from the fact that it was family, and just finding myself as a fashion designer watching a piece of material that was massively and emotionally effective to me,” Stella explained in a press release. “We pulled apart the music, the lyrics, the psychedelia, and the comedy, and turned them into something new.”
Billie Eilish recently wore a custom set from the collection during her first ever performance at Glastonbury. Additionally, Stella worked on a new film for the “All Together Now” campaign, described as “a psychedelic adventure through a colourful world and a celebration of the power of music, capturing the playfulness and irreverence that are core to the Stella McCartney DNA.”
“It’s shockingly modern, what those four young guys did,” Stella said. “The beauty of the lyrics blows me away.”
The designer will branch out beyond her role as a fashion mogul with an upcoming guest DJ appearance on SiriusXM’s The Beatles Channel this week.
The “All Together Now” collection is available online and in Stella McCartney stores.

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