The Internet Is Loving This Woman's "Why I'm Single" Brochure

illustrated by Paola Delucca.
Attending a family wedding when you're single can be a real trial. Even well-meaning relatives have a habit of asking the question you never want or need to hear again: "So, when are you going to find someone nice and settle down?" Ugh, haven't they read the expert's view on how happy single people are?
Melissa Croce, a woman living in New York City who works in books marketing, decided to combat this situation head-on by making a "Why I'm single" brochure to hand out at her cousin's wedding.
In a tweet that's now gone viral, Croce explained that the brochure idea was initially just a joke that she shared with co-workers – "but I was too committed to the bit to quit".
The brochure includes a list of job and New York-related "FAQs" which Croce provides witty pre-emptive answers for. To the question "How's living in New York? Isn't everything so loud and crowded and expensive? Ew the subway!", Croce supplies an answer that anyone living in London might want to bookmark for future reference.
"I was going to tell you an honest answer, but your question seems judgmental, so out of spite I'm going to tell you instead that I LOVE IT and IT IS GREAT AND PERFECT and sure it is ALL OF THOSE THINGS but living in New York isn't for JUST ANYBODY, DAHLING, SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST STRONGER THAN OTHERS."
The brochure also includes an hilariou "Why is Melissa single?" choose your adventure experience.
Melissa Croce/Twitter
Croce's tweet, which has been liked nearly 2,500 times, has drawn some very appreciative responses. "I have to commission one of these from you for my brother’s wedding. This is a work of genius," one woman tweeted back. Check out a selection of responses below.
Melissa Croce, I'm sure you'll agree, just won June.

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