Lindsay Lohan, Forgotten Pop Star, Is Coming Out With New Music

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Lindsay Lohan may have been denied a chance to play a singing mermaid, but that's not stopping her from making some sweet music of her own. Apparently, Lohan is back in the recording studio, and if a new pop album does not emerge within the next year, she will receive a strongly worded letter from yours truly.
The rumours (see what I did there) started when LiLo posted a pic of herself looking very comfortable in a recording booth over the weekend. She even borrowed a hashtag from Taylor Swift, writing "#ME" along with several music-related emojis.
Later, Lohan further teased her latestventure, writing "Hard At Work" in response to a comment about her relaunching her music career.
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? ? ? #ME

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Guys, it's happening. It's really, truly, maybe, probably, possibly happening!!!!
For those who don't remember Lohan's foray into pop stardom, you are missing out on some great bops of the early aughts. In 2004, the Parent Trap twin released her first album, Speak, which featured the very personal track "Rumours." At the time — and also pretty much every day of her life for the next five years — Lohan was perpetually stalked by the paparazzi. Tabloids spread lies (and, well, not lies) about the occasionally controversial star. In her music video for the single, she turns the cameras around. Very empowering and totally a tune.
Yet Lohan was laying the groundwork for pop fame long before she ever released such personal work. Prior to her first album Speak — which was followed by her 2005 album Raw (A Little More Personal and the heartbreaking single "Confessions of a Broken Heart" Lohan's music skills came into play when she released tracks in conjunction with her films. "That Girl (Drama Queen)" was the soundtrack single off her 2003 high school comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Its music video features Lohan with a wide variety of hair accessories.
Then there's Freaky Friday's "Ultimate," which is an ode to Chad Michael Murray's way-too-old high schooler.
What will Lohan's new sound be like? Will a full album drop into our laps even sooner than TS7? One can only hope that Lohan's return to music is as triumphant as her return to reality TV.
Refinery29 has reached out to Lohan for comment.

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