Your Horoscope This Week

Our minds are abuzz with ideas on Sunday, after coming off last week’s full moon in strategic Scorpio. It’s time to bring our work to the table as the moon wanes this week. Be open to learn as much as you can from your colleagues and friends on Sunday while the moon wanes in Sagittarius all day. Monday morning you’ll feel alert and energetic until 1.04pm when the moon goes void-of-course. Hit the pause button while the moon is VOC — expending extra energy is a waste. Enjoy working the more mundane tasks on your to-do list on Monday afternoon, and take a rest until early Tuesday morning at 3.56am when the moon enters professional Capricorn.
On Tuesday, the sun leaves material Taurus and enters communicative Gemini. We’ve enjoyed our creature comforts and are ready to get out into the world and socialise. It’s time to create deeper connections. Be open to sharing your knowledge this week as people seek guidance. By the same token, ask for help when you need it. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters his own sign of Gemini on Tuesday, intensifying our thought processes. This conjunction between the sun and Mercury will resonate in our collective energy — expect to have your inbox full! Don’t leave anyone on read if possible.
On Wednesday, fiery Mars sextiles innovative Uranus, inspiring exciting new ways to get our goals accomplished! The moon wanes in Capricorn until Wednesday night at 11.57pm. Retire your hardworking mind until Thursday afternoon at 1.49pm when the moon leaves her VOC and enters independent Aquarius. Get some space from your coworkers and work independently while the moon moves through this forward-thinking sign. It’s a great time to work on your skills, pick up a new book, and seek out inspiration from your surroundings. The moon stays here until Saturday morning at 8.51am before going VOC again until the end of the day. Savour relaxation and the beauty of spring this weekend while the moon takes her rest.
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