Lady Gaga Blames Her Tattoo Typo On Tequila

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Turner.
Lady Gaga just pulled an Ariana Grande with her latest tattoo — but luckily, the mistake is a lot easier to fix.
For the second of her two brand-new tattoos, the singer and Oscar-nominated actress wanted G A G A spelled out in musical notes. But, as her tattoo artist Daniel Winter was buzzing away, Gaga didn't realise the tattoo had a major error.
The top line of the staff — as in, one of the horizontal lines seen on sheet music — was missing. So, with only four lines instead of five, the notes were incomprehensible.
Gaga's original tattoo
A few minutes after posting the original image (which she's since deleted), fans flocked to the comments to point out the mistake. Luckily, Winter must have been nearby, as Gaga posted another photo less than an hour later to show fans her amended tattoo with an added top line. "Musical crisis averted," she wrote on Instagram. "Too many tequilas forgot the fifth staff line poor thing. Here’s the real deal."
She then posted a video of the improved tat, writing: "As a music theory student I’m appalled, as someone having fun with their friends I’m relieved."
Hey, at least it didn't come close to referencing Japanese barbecue.

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