Maggie Rogers Wants To Be Your Valentine & She Brought Music

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Maggie Rogers is a lot of things: she's a witch feminist rockstar, a modern hippie pop star, and everyone's current musical crush. (Look for her at next year's Grammys — she'll sweep.)
But while we were all playing I Heard It In A Past Life on repeat, Rogers was busy working on another piece of musical artistry — a playlist about crushes.
After Rogers' visit to Refinery29, where she mused about the evolution of her career and performances, we asked her (nicely!) to craft a Valentine's Day playlist for us. It's only fitting: After all, she sings so hypnotically about infatuation, love, friendship, heartbreak, and everything in between.
But this is not just a playlist of love songs. Like Rogers herself, it's much more than meets the eye. The superstar-in-the-making chose tracks about independence, yearning, and "an ode to the vagina and its all-powerful presence," as she told us. It's all you need to have a V-Day-inspired slow jams groove party. Dance around your living room, turn up, and/or tune out to it. Ahead, Rogers explains each of her choices.
Warning: You will want Rogers to make all future playlists for you.
"Dance With Somebody" - Whitney Houston
"This song plays when I get off stage every night and it is the perfect way to start any dance party. You need a friend? Call Whitney."
"Freakum Dress" - Beyoncé
"No one speaks for Beyoncé, so I’ll let her speak for herself – 'Put your freakum dress on/ Every woman got one.'"
"Potential New Boyfriend" - Dolly Parton
"Dolly is a legend and an essential part of any good playlist. She kind of claims every boy in the room as hers and I think we could all use more of that big Dolly energy in our lives."
"Sparks" - Beach House
"Oh MAN this song sends me into a trance and makes me want to scream. I always find myself dancing in my own world and getting completely lost with this song. There’s something really vulnerable and introspective and blossoming, just like the start of a great crush. It’s a good reminder that sometimes the dancing can just be for you."
"Always On Time" - Ja Rule, Ashanti
"The all-time best duo when it comes to throwback jams. I remember watching this music video on VH1 on Saturday mornings when I was growing up. They have amazing accessories in that video."
"Doves In the Wind" - SZA, Kendrick Lamar
"This is an ode to the vagina and its all-powerful presence. Kendrick’s verse is fire as always and he digs into some really cool stuff about masculinity/femininity and how men calling each other a 'pussy' to mean that they’re scared, but it actually shows how powerful the vagina is. So yeah, in the words of Kendrick, 'Pussy is so undefeated. Let’s amen to that.'""
"Say A Little Prayer" - Aretha Franklin
"This is your mid-dance party cooldown song. When I was on the Mumford and Sons tour, this was always the song that they played as we were leaving the stage and it felt like it was in my head for DAYS."
"Say It" - Maggie Rogers
"This is a slow jam about having a crush on someone and being too shy to say it."
"Kiss It Better (KAYTRANADA remix)" - Rihanna
"For a while this was my go-to song to put on right before I went on stage because it just instantly makes me dance. KAYTRANADA has been one of my favourite dance music producers/artists for a long time and anything with Rihanna is gold."
"Independent Woman, Pt. 1" - Destiny’s Child
"Again, Beyoncé can only speak for Beyoncé but let me tell you she buys her own diamonds and she buys her own rings."
"Got To Be Real" - Cheryl Lynn
"A good lesson that Cheryl Lynn is gonna call you on your shit. [You've] got to be real."
"U Remind Me" - Usher
"Put this on in any living room with your friends and everyone is happy. Also wow Usher is such a spelling inspiration."
"Dancing On My Own" - Robyn
"This is the right way to close any dance party. Full on screaming at the top of your lungs. No one but you and the music — the only romantic partner you’ll ever need."
Stream the Maggie Rogers x Refinery29 playlist below.

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