Why You Should Switch Over To Magnetic Eyelashes In 2019

Think about all the times you unlocked your phone to ask Google a question this year: When does Killing Eve return? What are some healthy breakfast recipes? Those were just a few generic things we typed into the search bar, but Google is also our favourite know-it-all when it comes to specific beauty questions.
The internet powerhouse recently released its 2018 Year in Search, and when it comes to beauty-related inquiries, people were obsessed with one thing: lashes. The top trending beauty search of the year: how to apply magnetic lashes.
What are magnetic lashes?
Over the last two years, magnetic lashes have been popping up in department stores and on the high street, promising easy application and removal. This innovative lash format uses a sandwiching technique using virtually undetectable magnets: One strip sits on top of the natural lashes, and a second clasps along the bottom line of lashes. The tiny magnets at the base of each strip help them snap together when they are aligned at the lash line.

"I’ve seen more harm done with lash extensions and glue-on​s... It's best to stick with magnetic lashes or mascara."

Dr Jennifer Tsai
How to apply magnetic lashes
Just like original falsies, they can be a bit tricky to master, so here's your step by step guide. We used Lash FX Magnetic Lashes in Gigi, £15.79. Makeup artist-approved lash brand Ardell also has six different styles to choose from. You can wear them with or without mascara — that's up to you.
1. The top lash
There should be four separate lashes in the pack, two for each eye. Separate these. One strip should be clearly labelled as the lash that sits on the top lash line — it should have a magnet on the underside. Gently place this on top of your lashes and try not to move or blink too much, otherwise it will fall off.
2. The bottom lash
The bottom lash (which is usually slightly shorter) should have a tiny magnet on the top. Simply hover this underneath your top line of lashes. It should attract the lash sitting on top, then clasp together.
3. Removal
To remove magnetic lashes, simply pinch and gently pull them away — no oil cleansers or wipes required. They're reusable, don't require any messy glue and, in our experience, stay on better than original false lashes, which sometimes ping off at the corners.
Are magnetic lashes safe?
As great as they are, we had one more burning question to ask Google: Are magnetic eyelashes safe? The quick answer: Magnetic lashes are fine to use. "It is relatively safe to use magnetic lashes since the amount of electromagnetic frequency emitted from the false eyelashes is low," says Jennifer Tsai, OD, a New York-based optometrist who specialises in eye health and vision care.
"I’ve seen more harm done with lash extensions and glue-ons – like styes, allergic blepharitis, keratoconjunctivitis, and conjunctival erosion," said Dr Tsai. From what I’ve seen in my exam room over the years, it’s best to stick with magnetic lashes or mascara." But you want to make sure you're not getting them inside your eye. "It is possible to develop corneal abrasions and infections if the magnet or a piece of eyelash comes into contact and injures the cornea," says Tsai. You should also choose the brand wisely if you have allergies or skin sensitivities. Removal is also an important step. "Make sure to prevent yanking the magnetic lashes off by gently lifting the top lash up and the bottom lash down," concluded Dr Tsai.

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