Olivia Munn Responds To News That She Acted Alongside A Sex Offender In Predator Movie

Photo: Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto/Getty Images.
Olivia Munn took swift action when she discovered an actor in her upcoming film The Predator was a registered sex offender, the Los Angeles Times reports. Last month, Munn informed Fox Studios that 47-year-old Steven Wilder Striegel had plead guilty to attempting to lure a 14-year-old girl into a sexual relationship in 2010. His scene in the film, which he shared with Munn and involved him hitting on her, was then cut.
“Our studio was not aware of Mr. Striegel’s background when he was hired,” a Fox spokesperson told the outlet. “We were not aware of his background during the casting process due to legal limitations that impede studios from running background checks on actors.”
While Munn and the studio were shocked by the news, director Shane Black was reportedly aware due to his longtime friendship with the actor, and he viewed the move as a favor to his friend.
“I can understand others might disapprove, as his conviction was on a sensitive charge and not to be taken lightly," he told The Times, adding that be believes Striegel was instead "caught up in a bad situation versus something lecherous."
Munn told the outlet that it was "surprising and upsetting" that Black had not informed the cast, crew, or studio about Striegel's past.
"However, I am relieved that when Fox finally did receive the information, the studio took appropriate action by deleting the scene featuring Wilder prior to release of the film," she added.
Munn has previously spoke out about sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, coming forward in November 2017 to accuse director Brett Ratner of masturbating in front of her on the set of After The Sunset in 2004. Ratner's attorney denied the allegations.
The Predator hits theaters September 14.

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