Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Are you ready to hit the ground running? Better brace for impact, because Mercury goes direct on Sunday. We're all excited to resume our lives as go-getters, but, on the flip side, it’s important to remember not to overextend ourselves (especially while we're still in Mercury's post-retrograde shadow period).
While Mercury may be direct this week, it’s critical that we watch how we treat each other while Mars is still retrograde. But it isn't all about controlling our urges this week — we enter Virgo season on Thursday, kicking off a time of harvest. And the moon will be waxing all week, passing through Sagittarius on Sunday and Monday, Capricorn from Tuesday to Thursday, and finally into Aquarius from Thursday to Friday. Some majorly expansive, dare we say optimistic vibes will be in the air.
The moon will be void of course on Saturday, so spend the day the way it was meant to be spent — doing nothing at all.
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