People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Rejections & It's All Too Real

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Rejection is a part of life that somehow always stings, no matter how much we were expecting it, or how much we tell ourselves we weren't really that bothered in the first place.
But at the same time, rejection is also a universal part of the human experience. How many people can say they've never been rejected – by a company they wanted to work for, someone they had a crush on, or a team or clique they would love have joined?
This week, people on Twitter have been posting their real-life rejection stories using the hashtag #ShareYourRejections. Some of these stories are pretty lighthearted and others are sad but ultimately uplifting tales of perseverance.
Revered writer Malorie Blackman – the former Children's Laureate – revealed that she was rejected 82 times by publishers, experiencing blatant racism along the way, before someone finally said yes to her.
But some of the other stories being shared are simply brutal and horribly relatable. Check out a selection of people's #ShareYourRejections posts below.
People are still sharing their knock-back anecdotes using the #ShareYourRejections hashtag, so it's not too late to post one of your own. Sharing one might even take the sting out of it.

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