Stoned Alone Is In The Works & It's About Exactly What You Think

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On the first day of Christmas, Ryan Reynolds gave to me: an R-rated remake of Home Alone!
Reynolds, master of raunchy comedy and bad parenting advice, is set to produce Stoned Alone, a reimagining of the 1990 classic holiday film about a boy who must protect his home from bumbling thieves. The film and its sequel launched Macaulay Culkin's career, not to mention the nearly half-billion dollars it grossed at the box office.
The "stoner" version of the film will follow a "twenty-something weed growing loser" as he defends his home from intruders while high and paranoid, Deadline reports. Excuse me, but that that already sounds like a classic.
Reynolds has proved his producing savvy with the runaway success of Deadpool, an R-rated comic book superhero movie with expletives taking up half the dialogue. The first film broke records as the highest grossing R-rated film. Not to be left behind, this year's sequel went on to earn nearly a billion dollars, solidifying its status as the third highest R-rated film at the global box office.
Augustine Frizzell, the woman behind the upcoming raunchy drama Never Goin' Back, is set to direct, with Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider tapped to write the script.
Stoned Alone will join other beloved X-rated holiday movies like Billy Bob Thornton's Bad Santa and 2015's The Night Before, the Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt starrer about a drug-fuelled romp through New York City on Christmas Eve.
Is it too forward to request Joe Pesci reprise his Home Alone role as one of the intruder?

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