Maisie Williams Just Got A New Game Of Thrones Tattoo

For loyal Game of Thrones fans living in blissful ignorance that the beloved HBO franchise is coming to an end, consider unfollowing Maisie Williams on Instagram — at least until after season 8 has aired, and you've had ample time to lick your wounds and find a new show to obsess over. We give you this warning because the 21-year-old actress, who portrays Arya Stark, has been racking up quite the collection of tattooed homages to the end of the series, and some are more spoiler-y than others.
Williams' most recent ink doesn't give away any major plot points, so that's good, but it is making us miss GoT before it's even gone off the air. Over the weekend, as a tribute to the show wrapping, the star paid a visit to celebrity tattoo artist Mr. K at Bang Bang Tattoo Parlor in New York City for some fresh new ink, which she posted on Instagram after the fact.
Though not her first GoT tattoo (Williams and on-screen sis Sophie Turner got matching arm tats back in 2016), this might just be the one that spawns the most copycats — and the meaning is the most subtle wink to longtime fans of the series. Etched on the nape of the actress' neck in red, the tattoo features two simple words: "No One." (You'll have to click through to the third slide in the gallery to see the ink in all its glory.)
For those not immediately transported back to The House of Black and White, the name — or lack thereof — references Arya's completely insane character arc from privileged daughter of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell (pour one out for Ned) to aspiring assassin in season five. We will say that we have to thank Williams for opting for a nostalgic tattoo that makes us want to go back and binge seasons five and six (for the fifth or sixth time), not make us wish we'd never checked Instagram that day. The same cannot be said for Sophie Turner's straight-up spoiler...

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