No, The World Probably Won't End On Friday (At Least Not Because Of The Moon)

photographed by Alexandra Gavillet; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez; modeled by Michaela Hayes.
If you know one thing about the state of the cosmos this week, it's that the moon is doing more than enough. Case in point: This Friday's full moon will coincide with a total lunar eclipse, resulting in a phenomenon known as a "blood moon." As foreboding as that might sound, it's only named as such because the moon tends to appear reddish when it's under the shadow of the Earth. Of course, such a sensible explanation isn't enough to burst everyone's spooky bubble.
In a move we've seen before, doomsday preachers have come out of the woodwork to declare that Friday's lunar activity is a sign of the end of the world, citing passages in the Bible that describe a moon turned to blood ahead of the apocalypse. As #dark as our current timeline may seem, there's no reason to believe that these claims are true.
"Eclipses must have been terrifying for the people of the past," writer and practicing witch Julia Penelope concedes. "So it’s no wonder that they are often associated with doomsday rumours and apocalypse prophecies." She adds that eclipses are undeniably powerful events if you choose to believe in the spiritual impact they can have on individuals. Specifically, this Friday's lunar eclipse will take place alongside Mars in Aquarius, which could certainly result in shorter tempers and greater conflict, Penelope says, but nothing equivalent to the literal end of the world.
The fact that this is the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century so far (clocking in at one hour and 43 minutes) is one more reason not to miss it, but, again, it is hardly proof of the end times. If you really want something to worry about, some astrologers believe that a long-lasting eclipse means more enduring spiritual effects. So, if you find that every little thing is ticking you off this Friday (or over the weekend, for that matter), remember to breathe and try to take a break from whatever's frustrating you. After all, you don't get a free pass to be a jerk because of the moon.

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