"The Underboob Sweat Is Real": How The Heat Has United Women Across The UK

The UK heatwave, which shows no sign of abating, saw temperatures climb to over 33C during the day and 24C overnight on Monday – and one group in particular is having a very tough time of it.
Across the land, hot and bothered women (and some men) are complaining of an inconvenient-yet-unavoidable affliction: underboob sweat.
In the current climate, our light and airy summer clothes are doing nothing to diffuse the issue. The sweat is seeping down our chests, through our clothes and into our bras, meaning we're washing them at twice the usual rate.
Women the world over rejoiced when the Ta-Ta towel launched last year, a ridiculous-looking piece of towelling that slings over your neck and holds up your boobs to prevent the problem, and there are various other methods of damage control: from boob deodorant to sticking sanitary towels down your bra (glamour level? Off the charts).
But right now, it's too hot to actually deal with the problem, so we'll stick to complaining. People with even a hint of underboob cleavage are airing their grievances online and wishing the hot weather away. We feel your pain.
Some shared their solutions for dealing with the issue.
With the warm weather here to stay, perhaps we should try looking on the bright side, like @erikajanusss?
At least men are suffering too, in their own way.

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