2018 Is The Year Of The Triumphant Comeback Of Anne Hathaway

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
I'm a Hathahoney. A Hathaholic. A member of the Church of Hathaway. I stan Anne Hathaway.
I have to admit, it took me a while to realise how polarising it was to love Hathaway so much (maybe because I didn't have this job when she hosted the Oscars with James Franco in 2013), which may be why I'm so defensive over Hathaway's recent comeback. She was Hathahated, and now she's Hathaworshipped. Still, I'm fine with the trolls continuing to repent for their sin (hating Hathaway) by gushing over her scene-stealing performance in Ocean's 8. Hathaway as Daphne Kluger is the final final nail in the "Anne Hathaway Is Uncool" coffin and I couldn't be happier.
In Ocean's 8, Hathaway's character is vain, self-indulgent, and narcissistic. She's a celebrity! She's rich, and famous, and better than you. To sum it up: one of my coworkers' favourite lines is her utterly disdainful delivery of "Am I being rude?" That in itself would be fun to watch, but what makes her performance so compelling is that it subverts the dumb diva starlet stereotype — something Hathaway never was. Hathaway's reluctance to be a demure actress may have been one of the reasons people found her off-putting. So finally being able to guilelessly be this glamorous, and this rude, is what Hathaway deserves. Her name was dragged through the digital mud, and now she's back. As polished as one of the diamonds on her $150,000,000 diamond necklace.
Not only that, the actress is also starring in a bewitching thriller, Serenity, opposite of Matthew McConaughey, serving up an incredibly "electric" performance, according to the film's (very satisfied) director, Steven Knight. And if you'd like to further learn how we worship our Queen at the church of Hathaway, please take a look at her athleisure looks for her Glamour cover.
It's been a minute, but Hathaway is back on top, and I'm sure she likes the view. Also, I love being right.

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