This Is Why Celebrities' Legs Always Look So Good

By now doubt you'll have seen the latest Beyonce music video, Spirit, and if not you'll have surely seen the premiere photos with the short Alexander McQueen blazer and braided hair, and once again been in awe of her. And, if you're a beauty editor, you might also still be thinking about how she got her legs to look so damn perfect — without a single nick, bump, or spider vein peeking out from her cut-off shorts.
The secret, her makeup artist Sir John dished to us, was body makeup. "I use it on her boobs, arms, and legs," he said. And he's not the only one. In fact, body concealers might be Hollywood's best-kept secret (right after extensions, Botox, and shapewear). Ahead, check out the products celebrities actually use to get their legs gleaming.

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